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Coronavirus Information

Welcome to Pendleton Together’s dedicated webpage on the Coronavirus.  This is where we will post regular updates on the Coronavirus.  Updates will be posted in date order and you may need to scroll down for older messages.

You can download our full Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here or see below:

  1. Protecting our staff and residents
  2. Repairs to my home
  3. Paying my rent
  4. Neighbourhood Services
  5. Services on my estate / in my block
  6. Schemes & Blocks


Monday 21st April, 2020

This week we will be collecting small items of waste from further addresses.

Can we please remind everyone about the government's social distancing advice and ensure it is being followed at all times. Any breaches should be reported to the police and to Pendleton Together. There are more details here.

Monday 13th April, 2020

While lockdown measures remain in place, we're aware that many peopel are de-cluttering and are accumulating rubbish they can't dispose of due to the tips being closed. We'll be helping people out this week with small items of rubbish which we will, as a one off, collect for free. You can see details here.

We continue to call our customers to offer support however, if you need something urgently, please do keep in touch.

Monday, 6th April, 2020

The programme of fire Safety works, which the government have confirmed are critical and essential work that can continue, will be visible this week.

We expect hoarding to be fitted around the completed scaffolding on Spruce Court and a variety of external surveys being carried out. These surveys will include markings being sprayed on the floor.

All of the contractors are working for PTOL and carry identification. They are considered critical workers under government advice and will be observing social distancing methods.

Please cooperate with them as best possible so this important work can continue safely.


Friday 27 March - Fire safety works

The work being carried out to the externals of the blocks at Pendleton is continuing because it is categorised as essential work. The contractors are on site carrying out work necessary to make the buildings safe in line with the fire safety regulations and owing to the fact that we still need to remove and replace the insulation and cladding to all nine high rise blocks.

The work is progressing in line with Government guidance. The contractors are observing the social distancing rules and wearing the appropriate PPE. Only works to the external and communal areas of the high rise blocks is continuing whilst the Government rules on social distancing and non-essential work remains in place. Contractors will not be carrying out any work in residents homes.

We will shortly be issuing a letter to our contractors outlining that they are categorised as critical workers and therefore can continue to carry out work on site. In line with Government guidance each person working on site will be required to carry a copy of the letter with them in case they are asked to prove that their activities are classified as essential. If you have any queries relating to this update please contact us on 0300 5555567 or alternatively you can email us here.

Thursday 26 March – Residents struggling with rent payments

We understand that this is a very difficult period for everyone and we are here to help and support you if you are struggling to pay your rent. To reassure you, we will not evict any resident at this time due to rent arrears.

If you are suffering from financial hardship and struggling to pay your rent as a direct result of the coronavirus outbreak, please contact us as soon as possible.

We will help and support you based on your individual circumstances. We do need to have an open and honest conversation with you so you may be asked:

  • Is it you who is ill, are you fit to work but cannot because of having symptoms, or is it someone else in your household who is affected that means you need to self-isolate?
  • What is your source of income normally and how often do you receive payment?
  • If you normally receive wages from an employer, what impact are you expecting on your income? Does your company have a sick pay scheme?

Answers to these types of questions will enable us to give you the best help and support on how you can manage your income at this time.

For residents claiming benefits, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has issued new guidance here 

This guidance covers changes to jobcentre appointments, special arrangements for people already claiming benefits, advice for people making new claims for benefits and information for self-employed people.

Below are answers to frequently asked questions by residents. Updates from the Government and DWP are coming out daily so please be aware that things could change.

Will you stop the eviction of anyone unable to pay their rent?

We will not evict any resident at this time due to rent arrears. If you are directly affected by the coronavirus, then we can help give advice and support on the options available. For those residents who are not affected financially, we expect rent payments to be made as normal.

Will residents be given a rent payment freeze?

As we have always done, we will look compassionately at each case on an individual basis and would urge any residents who are struggling to contact us as soon as possible to discuss their situation.

What financial help is available to cover rent payments for residents who have been laid off, have no money coming in or are on a reduced income?

We understand this is a very difficult time. The Government has announced a number of ways in which it will support people in work or out of work who have been impacted by the current crisis. Please check the DWP's information about the coronavirus and claiming benefits page regularly for updates.

Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your situation if you are having financial problems. We want to help you and our welfare benefit advisors are available to talk through the options.

What are the arrangements for those having to self-isolate and go on statutory sick pay?

We will continue to follow Government guidelines. If you are self-isolating and have concerns regarding finances due to receiving statutory sick pay, please contact us.

If you’re receiving benefits, the DWP has made temporary arrangements for benefit claimants affected by the coronavirus. Please check the DWP's information about coronavirus and claiming benefits page regularly for updates.

Get in touch

We are here to help and support. If you have any concerns about paying your rent due to the impact of coronavirus, please contact us as soon as possible.

  • Online – This can be done 24 hours a day by the online form at -
  • Telephone - 0300 555 5567 - lines are open between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday (emergency service only outside these hours)


Tuesday 24th March - Support from Salford City Council during Coronavirus

If you need to self-isolate (stay at home) for any length of time, do you have anyone that can help you with day to day tasks? This can be a member of your family, a neighbour or a friend.

Or do you need help with:

  • Food shopping
  • Getting essential medication
  • Getting fuel (if you are on a pre-paid meter for gas or electric).
  • Looking after pets

Or are you a carer that needs help or advice?

If you answer yes to any of the above please visit or download the leaflet below.

Spirit Salford Network ID


Wednesday 18th March

In line with the interim measures currently in place, we will not be attending Lombardy Court as previously until further notice. We will contacting customers by telephone twice per week.

Tuesday 17 March

In order to protect residents and staff, we are making the following changes to our services from 8.30am on Wednesday March 18:

  • We will be closing Brotherton House reception and community/respite room until further notice
  • We are now attending emergencies only until further notice
  • All contacts with customers will initially be via telephone until further notice
  • Home surveys that are taking place as part of the fire safety programme of works will be temporarily suspended

In order to get in touch with us you will need to call 0300 555 5567 during our opening hours, or complete the online web form at

Please note that our waking watch fire marshals will continue to patrol as normal.

While we hope to return to normal soon, the rapidly changing situation may mean we have to make further changes to services. Please check this page regularly for updates. If you do not have access to the internet or you know that your neighbour doesn't, please let us know your most recent mobile phone number and we will send you a text message with updates..

Please note that all engagement activities, including the Thursday Job Club and Community Choir, are also postponded until further notice. 

Monday 16 March

As per the Government and Public Health England advice, Pendleton Together continues to provide services as normal. 

This is a fast-moving situation and we are regularly monitoring the latest advice and guidance provided by the Government.  The latest information and facts about Coronavirus can be found on the Government website -

If we need to change the way we work, this will be guided by the expert advice of the Government and Public Health England.  The safety and security of our residents and staff remains our primary priority at this difficult time.

In common with other organisations we are already taking some sensible precautions to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.  We are encouraging all our staff to wash their hands regularly and we are limiting avoidable contact between staff and residents where we can. 

We know that some residents are concerned about Pendleton Together staff coming into their home and we are therefore making changes in the way we operate.  These are as follows:

  • From Tuesday 17 March, we will be asking a number of safety questions regarding Coronavirus before visiting any resident’s home.  The visit might be from any member of Pendleton Together staff or a contractor acting on our behalf. When necessary we will put a stop to all non-emergency visits for a period of 14 days.
  • Before any visit takes place, we will contact the resident beforehand to see if the situation has changed.  If there are concerns about Coronavirus at this point then the visit will not take place.  Pendleton Together will then put a stop to all non-emergency visits for a period of 14 days.
  • Emergency visits will continue to take place as and when required.

If residents wish to get in touch this can be done through the following means:

Spirit Salford Network ID

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