Services during Covid-19

We understand that this is a very difficult period for everyone. We are trying to keep our services as normal as possible.

However, staff shortages due to covid-19 and the extra time that needs to be taken to ensure safe working may mean some changes. We thank you for your understanding.

Will estate services continue?

Yes, all of our estate services, including grass and tree cutting, caretaking and cleaning will continue. However, our estate staff number may be reduced, so activities may be reduced and prioritised differently from time to time.

Will our repairs service continue?

Yes, we will continue to carry out emergency and essential repairs, however non-urgent works may need to be scheduled for later in the year. We will always inform you if we are changing an appointment time.

Will you still deal with anti-social behaviour?

Yes, during this time anti-social behaviour may increase, due to restrictions on living conditions. In an emergency, always dial 999. Otherwise, use our anti social behaviour toolkit to decide what you need to report to us.

Will you still be doing electrical and gas safety checks?

Yes, we legally have to carry out all compliance checks, even during the pandemic. If you are shielding or self isolating we will work with you to find a way to do this safely, however we will still need to do compliance checks in order to comply with legislation.

What about payments due in relation to shared owners, leaseholders and freeholders?

Where possible please continue to make payments. Where this is not possible, be assured we will not be pursuing any legal action for arrears during this time. The charges will remain payable and we will come to arrangements for repayments when the situation returns to normal and in line with Government advice. Any concerns regarding your mortgage payments must be discussed with your lender.

Please contact your Home Ownership Officer to discuss any concerns.

Can we access community and respite rooms?

No, in line with government restrictions, these are now closed.

I'm concerned about a neighbour.

You can contact our neighbourhood team at any time.

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Covid-19 Updates Services during Covid-19