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Your home is often the most important thing to you, aside from family and friends. That’s why we want you to find the right place.

In Salford, all properties are allocated through Salford Home Search. If you have nowhere to live, you can contact the Council  for help.

What would you like to know more about?

Finding a home in Salford

Salford Home Search is a scheme that gives you more choice when looking for your new home in Salford.

It allows you to search and choose properties suited to your needs.

The scheme is brought to you by Salford City Council and aims to give new and current tenants greater choice.

Homes are advertised weekly, with new properties being added every Wednesday. You can search online or find out availability from the Salford Home Search shop.

To find out more information on how to apply, click here .

Swapping your home

Are you looking to swap your property?

A swap or a mutual exchange is when two, three, four or more tenants exchange (swap) their properties.

Each tenant must move into their exchange partner’s property. A tenant cannot exchange into an empty property.

You can exchange with:

  • a tenant of a housing association; or
  • a tenant of another council.

If you are interested in exchanging you can register free of charge with HomeSwapper who advertises exchanges all over the country for social housing tenants.

Getting help with your application

If you’re worried about completing the application, our neighbourhood staff can help.

You can call us on 0300 555 5567 or you can find out more about contacting our neighbourhood team.

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