This week (18-24 October 2021) is Get Online Week, a digital inclusion campaign run annually by Good Things Foundation.

Across the country, community organisations are supporting the campaign by running events and activities to spread the message that everyone can: Get online. Get connected.

If you are interested in attending an event, Pendleton Gateway are organising events that will help you find out what you need to know. You can find out more at:

There are also a number of useful resources available on the Together Housing website. Visit the Getting help getting online page to find out more:

Kevin Campbell-Wright, Digital Inclusion Manager at Together Housing Group, said its important to be connected: “Over the past two years we’ve seen just how important it is to be connected and we’re seeing more and more services move online. Pendleton Together have a website and app that helps you complete your services online, 24 hours a day. For those struggling to get online, Salford has all kinds of events and we have links from our website to places you can find to help your family make use of our services and other services on the internet.”


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Event Get connected, get online.