Holm Court Site Set Up

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• 15th November 2021 work will begin on Holm Court.
• All work will take place between 8AM & 5PM
• car parking spaces currently in use will remain unaffected.
• Noise and vibration levels will be high throughout.
• You may be asked by a Banksman to use an alternative entrance / Exit.



Letter Text

9th November 2021

Dear Resident

Subject: Holm Court- site set up & Enabling works.

We are writing to update about the above.

We did initially inform you that the site set up would take place in August. However, changes were made to the works programme and the site set up was delayed to reflect this and to ensure that residents were not inconvenienced unnecessarily.

The site set up is now planned to start on the 15th November to all areas of the block.

Below is a breakdown of the works that will take place on your block.

Site set up
Starts 15th November 2021
• Construction of localised pedestrian protection scaffolding to allow access this will be in place at both entrances and the gable ends.
• Support anchors will be drilled into the concrete structure
• Noise and vibration levels will be high throughout. This is due to drilling to secure the required scaffolding to the building.

If you would like more detail about the type of work carried out please see visit:

Enabling works
Starts 8th December 2021

Once site set up is completed the site team will begin enabling work to your block. The enabling works are all the components of the programme that will lead to the cladding being install to your building.

Below is a breakdown of the enabling works that will take place.

• Localised removal of brickwork to install windposts. These are steel structural support columns that will be installed at the entrances of the building.
• Installation of brick ties.
• Installation of new EPDM (Rubber) membrane around the window pods. This is to ensure a watertight seal.
• Installation of fixings to window pods and Juliet balconies.
• Removal and replacement of the cementitious board infill panels and associated insulation.
• Enhancement of the steel framing system behind the Cementitious board as required
• All works will be carried out externally from MEWP’s (Mobile working platforms) and scaffolding.
• The levels of noise we expect from these works will be very high at times this is due to the tools that are required and the associated drilling, grinding and cutting.

All PTOL personnel and contractors working on our behalf will be carrying an identification card. All PTOL personnel and contractors will be working within government guidelines for a Covid safe work environment. If you have any concerns about a contractor, please contact your resident liaison officer at once.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Sloane
Resident Liaison Coordinator

Download Letter as PDF

You can download the letter as a PDF file by clicking here.

Further Detail


Mast climbers & scaffold installation 28 day notice

Dates, duration and working hours
Mast-climbers: Start 30th August 2021 for 4 weeks.
Scaffold: Start w/c 6th September 2021 for 4 weeks
Works will be carried out within the agreed times of 08.00 to 17.00.

Purpose for the work.
The intention on Holm is to use public protection scaffolding and mast climbers with associated
working platforms to allow access for the proposed cladding works on all elevations.

What work is involved.
Enabling works will commence on the 30th August 2021 and will involve the construction of
temporary heras fencing around the perimeter creating a fence line & safe demarcation zones for
workers and residents.

A site generator will be positioned on the grass area adjacent the rear fence. A banksman/marshal
shall be present on site for the duration of all works to direct and assist residents.

Mast-climbers and scaffold deliveries will be managed to cause minimal disruption and equipment
will be stored on the ground in secured locations on site. The climber installation will be phased
around the building starting on the rear elevation and working around to the front elevation on
Whitebeam Close.

Scaffolding and hoarding works to the working platform will follow the same phasing as the mastclimber
installation. The working platform will be set at first floor level. These works should be
complete by early October 2021.

While these works are carried out to the front and rear elevations residents will be directed either to
the front or rear entrances respectively and this will be continually monitored by a

All car parking spaces currently in use will remain unaffected. None of the areas we take possession
of will adversely affect bin collections, dry riser or any other services associated with the block.
How will this affect us.

Support anchors will be drilled into the concrete structure and it is anticipated that noise and
vibration levels associated with this work will be higher than that experienced so far due to the tools
and equipment required for works of this type.

Access for the residents, bin collections and the emergency services will be maintained throughout
the works.

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Holm Court Site Set Up