Your Lease

Your lease is a legal agreement between you and Together Housing (as your Landlord or Managing Agent).

It outlines the term that the lease has been granted for (99 years, 125 years, 250 years, 999 years etc) and what each party to the lease is responsible for during this period in terms of repairs, maintenance etc and also what services Together Housing provide within your service charges.

There is also a plan to accompany your lease which shows the boundaries of your property (or Demise as it is sometimes referred to) and should be used in conjunction with your lease to understand the areas of responsibilities.

If you do not have a copy of your lease or plan, please refer either to your solicitors who acted on your behalf when you purchased the property, or refer to Land Registry to obtain a copy. Alternatively, we can provide a copy for which there is a charge applicable.

We appreciate that some leases can be difficult to understand and so we have provided a basic outline below of the various lease types within our organisation for general guidance. However, please note that your own lease is unique to your property and is therefore the prevailing document to any guidance provided.

Please also see our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section to help with any other queries that you may have about your lease.

Leases for flats

As the landlord, Together Housing is usually responsible for the maintenance and repair of the structure of the building and for the communal areas. We would also usually be responsible for the maintenance of any elements which serve more than just your own property, for example, communal doors, fire alarms, communal lighting etc.

If there are communal areas, then we would usually be responsible for the maintenance of these areas too such as cleaning, lighting, decoration, grounds maintenance etc and we would recover your proportion towards these costs (as outlined in your lease) within your Service Charges.

Generally, leaseholders are responsible for the maintenance, repair and upkeep of the inside of the property including the internal faces of walls. The repair and maintenance of doors and windows to the flat can vary from lease to lease. Please refer to your lease in the first instance, but if you are still unsure, please contact us for further advice.

Sub-letting for all leaseholders who own 100% equity is usually permitted within your lease but you may require our written permission first. Please check your lease for any requirements.

Right to Buy lease guidance – The Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE) is an independent, impartial organisation which assists leaseholders with any lease-related issues. They provide guidance online in Plain English for leaseholders to gain some understanding of each element of a standard council Right To Buy lease:

Leases or houses

Under a house lease, the leaseholder is responsible for 100% of the outgoings relating to the property and to keep the property in good and substantial repair and condition.

Whilst you may own your home outright, there may be some restrictions on your title which requires you to contribute to various costs on the estate, or various requirements for us to provide consents (again these are outlined with any lease or Transfer document you were provided with when you purchased the property).

The lease will specify any charges due to the landlord/managing agent for the maintenance and repair of any communal areas.  As your landlord/managing agent we would recover a proportion (as outlined within your lease) towards these costs from you within your Service Charges.

Sub-letting for leaseholders who own 100% of the house is usually permitted within your lease but you may require our written permission first.  Please check your lease for any requirements.

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Pendleton Together is responsible for the day-to-day running of all Salford Council owned homes in the Pendleton regeneration area.

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