Intrusive Communal Surveys

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• 6th September communal surveys will begin.
• All work will be carried out between 8am & 5pm
• Noise and vibration levels will be intermittent but high while drilling the concrete floor slabs.
• There will be Banksman/ Marshal on site to direct residents away from the work area.


Letter Text

9th August 2021

Dear Resident

Subject: Communal Intrusive Surveys-28 day notice

As part of the programme of works PTOL Site team along with other contractors are required to complete communal intrusive surveys.

These are preliminary investigations for checking the routes for the new sprinkler pipework and fire alarm cabling.

The work is outlined below:
• This work is scheduled to start 6th September 2021 and will last for 4 weeks.
• Asbestos surveys above ceilings and floors. All surfaces will be cleaned and scraped before any drilling or cutting takes place.
• Installation of small access hatches. This will involve a short duration of cutting and drilling for each location.
• Drilling of the concrete floor slabs in the same locations as the access hatches and asbestos surveys.
• There will be Banksman/ Marshal on site to direct residents away from the work area.

If you would like more detail about the type of work carried out please see visit:

All PTOL personnel and contractors working on our behalf will be carrying an identification card. All PTOL personnel and contractors will be working within government guidelines for a covid safe work environment. If you have any concerns about a contractor, please contact your resident liaison officer at once.

We hope this won’t cause you any distress, If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I know that some residents will want more detail. This is available at

Yours sincerely

Stephen Sloane
Resident Liaison Coordinator

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