Pendleton Together is proud to be part of a new chapter for Pendleton; but a new chapter follow on from, rather than replaces, the past and we’re as keen to remember as we are to look forward.

One thing that remains a constant are those who are passionate about supporting the area. One such person is Sarah Davie, Pendleton Togethers Employment and Training Officer. Today, she supports people to realise their ambitions through work and training; but her passion for supporting the people of Pendleton started long before that, starting at the Precinct Housing Office two decades ago.

Today, for Local History Month, she look back at some of the changes she’s seen in that time.

“I started working at the Precinct Housing Office in 1991, it was next to the Winston Pub. It was damaged during the riots in 2011 and it has now been knocked down.

The area was very different then, there were many more high-rise blocks than there are today. I remember ten of them being knocked down. There were also maisonettes and flats for families Some of these properties used to be known as “dead men’s shoes” as they were so difficult to get but sadly as time went on and the neighbourhood changed, a lot of them became neglected and difficult to let. For older people there was Lombardy Court, which is still here and part of Pendleton Together’s work..

There also many more pubs besides the Winston (which is still here) including The Flat Iron, The Brass Handles and the Woolpack and Shopping City had big outdoor and indoor markets and many shops that have since left our high street like Marks and Spencer and Woolworth.

I’ve found some great photos from this time (and slightly earlier) online. You can view them here and here.

This is just a taster article. Sarah’s sharing more recollections in the forthcoming Pendleton Magazine. You can find out about Local and Community History Month at

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