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National Apprenticeship Week - Shaun Flanagan

Shaun FlanaganName: Shaun Flanagan

Age: 27

Location: Salford

Which housing association do you work with and at which office? Pendleton Together – Brotherton House, Salford.

How did you get your apprenticeship: Applied through the National Apprenticeship website.

What are your normal working hours? 8am – 4pm

What does your day to day work involve? All aspects of painting and decorating – stripping walls, sanding, painting, papering.

Are you working towards a qualification? Yes, Level 2 NVQ in Painting & Decorating.

What do you enjoy about your work? I enjoy the lads I work with, the people I meet and the job in general.

What’s the most challenging part of your work? practicing to put in straight lines when painting

How does working life compare with school/college life? It’s so much better, I’m learning proper life skills, earning money and I’m more independent.

What are you learning from your apprenticeship? How to paint and decorate at a professional level.

What do you think your next step will be after your apprenticeship? Hope to work for Pendleton Together for a few more years, then do Level 3 qualification.

What are your future career goals? To eventually have my own painting and decorating business, and go into other areas of work.

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On painting & decorating apprenticeship at Pendleton Together. Learning valuable skills to progress in trade. Work with great people who make work enjoyable.

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