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National Apprenticeship Week - Tanya Clarke

Tanya ClarkeName: Tanya Clarke

Age: 22

Which housing association do you work with and at which office? Pendleton Together

How did you get your apprenticeship?  Help from the job centre

What are your normal working hours?  Full-time.

What does your day to day work involve?

 Dealing with customers face to face ,Ttaking calls from tenants regards to repairs, taking rent payments, block Inspections for the caretakers making sure there completed by the end of the month.

Are you working towards a qualification?  Maths and English Level2,  ICT level2, NVQlevel2 Administration

What do you enjoy about your work?   Dealing with customers making sure they’re satisfied with the help I have gave.

What’s the most challenging part of your work?  Dealing with customers over the phone whilst they’re unsatisfied as I try to soothe them and ask in a calm manner how I can help and solve the problem.

How does working life compare with school/college life?  You have to grow up be independent and be a good colleague.

What are you learning from your apprenticeship? To be more organised, prioritise work and how to deal with all kinds of different people.

What do you think your next step will be after your apprenticeship?

Getting a full time job and continue being successful!

What are your future career goals?  Have a full-time career, own my own property and hopefully have my own business.

Please write a social media post about your apprenticeship in less than 140 characters.

I enjoy being an apprentice. I love helping tenants and colleagues. The workplace is a great environment to work in with friendly staff.

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