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Bradden Close residents are proud of their neighbourhood

Bradden Close residents came together at a community event to show pride in the place they live and dispose of their waste properly. The recycling event, which took place on 1st August, was a huge success, with skips provided to help residents get rid of their rubbish and take responsibility.

Bradden Close residents have been struggling to adapt to changes in bin collections with rubbish quickly starting to build up, particularly for larger families.

One of our Neighbourhood Officers, Sarah Davies, knew something had to be done so decided to hold a skip day to help get on top of the issue and encourage residents to recycle with some handy tips.

Talking about the success of the day, Sarah said: “The event had a positive impact on the neighbourhood. Apart from empty and tidy back gardens, it provided a boost to the residents, preserving their neighbourhood and being part of the process of improving the area.”

The skip day was not only to encourage residents to clear up their own rubbish but also to take pride in looking after their neighbourhood.  Many local residents took part in different cleaning duties and local children enjoyed getting stuck in, picking up litter and recycling with fun educational games.

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