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Celebration of international culture comes to Salford for Black History Month

Salford residents enjoyed a celebration of international culture at Emmanuel Church as part of Black History Month.


Over 100 local people including Rebecca Long-Bailey, MP, and City Mayor, Paul Dennett attended the free event, known as Vive, which was being sponsored by Pendleton Together

Highlights include a drama group performing a play entitled I am because we are, which was created by BHA, a health and social care charity, and performed by the Contact Theatre.

Table Top

It explored HIV-related stigma in BME communities based on the testimonies of real people living with HIV in Manchester and looked beyond the urban myths to tell the human stories of daily life with the disease.

The play will now be performed in seven other Greater Manchester boroughs with the aim of combating stigma, encouraging testing and fostering a wider acceptance of people with HIV.

The audience also enjoyed a belly dancer, a troupe of dancers from Ghana and Somalia in traditional costumes, a demonstration of a coffee ceremony from Ethiopia and international cuisine.

Mayor MP And Dancers

Stall holders also showcased items from different countries such as perfumes from Ghana, sweets from the Ukraine and fabrics from Africa.

One Of The Stalls

Resident Owen Power said: “It was a joyful afternoon celebrating the rich diversity of cultures that make Salford such a great place to live.”

Owen And Mayor

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