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Southern Voices speak out at Pendleton Gateway Library

Pendleton Together resident, Catherine Anderson, helped to organise the display of a Southern Voices exhibition in honour of Black History month.

The Southern Voices group describes itself as “a network of people committed to bringing the knowledge and understanding of Southern and Black people to the global issues that are central to education and to living in the world today”. The group, formed in October 1990, was created by a group of university graduates with the aim to challenge myths and stereotypes about the Global South which includes Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

‘From shadows of War and Empire’ is an exhibition which explores the experiences of people from British colonies such as India, the West Indies, East Africa and Nigeria, during World War One. When Catherine heard about the exhibition, which was originally displayed at the People’s Museum in 2016, she was keen to bring it to her local community. The exhibition will be displayed at Pendleton Gateway Library from the 1st October to the 31st during Black History Month.

Lynne Harrison, Community Initiatives Officer, said: “this is a great opportunity for people in the local community to come and learn about a part of history.”

For more information about Southern Voices you can visit:

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