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Staying warm for less

Since fitting the new heating system in some of our high rise apartments, we have been working with many customers to help them manage their heating costs.

By monitoring their energy use we have been able to see how much people are now paying for their heating and hot water. Importantly, it also flags up if you are paying too much each month.


The heating system is an ‘Exhaust Air Heat Pump’ manufactured by NIBE. It works by extracting warm air from the kitchen and bathroom and feeding heat back into the system to boost the water temperature.

We have been able to get pretty accurate data and are confident that residents will see a benefit.

The data gives us a good idea of whether the heating controls have been set right for your lifestyle or whether there is a problem with the system.

Some people like their homes hot, others don’t and hot water usage varies.

However, as a guide we suggest you contact Pendleton Together if your daily heating costs exceed:

Winter £3 per day (December, January, February)

Spring £1.65 per day (March, April, May)

Summer 70p per day (June, July, August)

Autumn £1.85 per day (September, October)

The Pendleton Together Energy Team can come to check your system and help you reduce costs, if you are paying more than the costs suggested above.

We have dedicated energy advisors. They can pop round to check the settings, make sure the heating system is switched on, check for any faults and give you advice on getting the most out of it.

You can make sure you're using the system correctly by having a look at the films we've made for tenants.

Remember, you are also saving around £90 per year by removing your need for a gas standing charge, while the improved thermal cladding helps the blocks retain more heat.

Further savings can be made by switching to a water meter. This could save an additional £150 per year compared to a non-metered supply.

For more information on getting help with paying your energy bills, follow the links below.

Warm Home Discount

Citizen's Advice Bureau


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