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Be the change: unite for a better internet

internetsafeIn the UK, hundreds of schools and organisations joined together on 7th February to deliver a range of activities to help make the internet a better place.
Many of our tenants already use social media, our website and our app to get in touch with us, so it’s really important to be aware of safety when online.
The most important thing anyone can do is to talk about safety.
Children may know more than many adults about how the technology works, but they might not realisewhat they do online could affect how they are viewed in the future. For example, what they post on social media sites. 
Understand what sites they use
Finding out what sites they use and how they use it you can help them identify dangers and make choices.
Prepare for the future
What may seem like a funny post online will be visible to employers and they need to think how they present themselves in public and private online.
Plan ahead
Advise them what to do if they come across something they don’t like or do something they regret online. Let them know they won’t be in trouble and show them how they can report anything, quickly. 
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