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Security Consultation

Salford City Council, through an agreement with Salix Homes, provides remote and on site concierge services to the nine council owned residential blocks in Pendleton. These are Beech Court, Holm Court, Hornbeam Court, Malus Court, Plane Court, Salix Court, Spruce Court, Thorn Court and Whitebeam Court.

Following changes to, and the concern over the high cost of the security and concierge services, the council has been asked to review and investigate options for changing the service. Residents have also carried out a review of the service, through their Scrutiny Panel, that highlights tenant dissatisfaction with the service.

Resident views are important as they will shape how the service will look, and cost, in the future, enabling the council to change the service to reflect these views.

Residents can complete the consultation at

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