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Wheelie Bin Fire Increase

binsRecently, the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service have seen an increase in the number of deliberate wheelie bin fires, in our communities.

One of the most serious of these incidents resulted in a family needing to be re-housed after the electrical supply to their property and several others was affected by a wheelie bin fire.

Together with the Police we are doing what we can to see that the perpetrators of these fires are caught and brought to justice but we also need your help to stop these fires occurring. Where your wheelie bin is kept and how secure it is can play a big part in how easy it is for an arsonist to potentially target your bin.

Neil Taylor, the Community Protection Manager for the Pennine Area said: “Wheelie bins by their nature can be very appealing to those that are looking to cause a nuisance by starting fires.

“The very fact that they are used to store rubbish means that a fire can take hold very quickly. As seen in this most serious case recently, if the bins are stored too close to gas or electrical intakes the fires can cause serious damage and disruption and potentially put lives at risk.”

There are things that you can do to help protect your property which include:

  • Where possible, keep your wheelie bin secure
  • Only put rubbish out on the day of collection
  • Make sure wheelie bins are kept away from electrical or gas intake supplies. It is also advisable to store bins away from other buildings and combustible items which could be affected by a fire if one occurs.
  • Check your local collection days, especially if you are likely to be affected by bank holidays. Contact your local Council if you are unsure.
  • Ensure that the exits from your home are not blocked by objects, both inside and out.

Neil added: “Ensuring that your bin is emptied regularly and kept stored securely when it isn’t out for collection can be a big help in combatting this issue. We would also ask that members of the public to remain vigilant to any suspicious behaviour and report it to 101. ”

Click here for a helpful leaflet from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service

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Faizah is the Together Housing Group's Communications Officer

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