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Digital Together

DTPendleton Together’s computer club is helping locals surf the information superhighway.

The club, held at Brotherton House, is the base of the project that is spearheading a £650million PFI scheme to regenerate the area and has been a huge success so far.

The computer club is building on the work already done by the Digital Together scheme, which is helping to get tenants online and give them the ability to manage their tenancy’s their way.

Already, the Together Housing Group, which manages Pendleton Together, has over 7,000 tenants signed up to receive their services digitally but are aiming to help more people to enjoy all the benefits of the internet.

Volunteer Mike Craig, a computer technician and tenant, has been teaching residents how to use computers and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

This has included setting up an email account and using the system, how to download and use apps like Skype and also using free software to edit photographs. The group are also hoping to produce a short podcast for the one of the blocks.

Ken Morton, Community Regeneration Coordinator, said: “As an organisation, we’re placing a huge importance on getting people online so they use the World Wide Web and all it has to offer.

“These sessions have been very popular as people can see simply what they need to do to use their devices and it’s taking away some of the fear of technology.

“We’re really pleased by the way the sessions have run and we can see that they’ve made a difference.”

For more information about Digital Together, or the Digital Friends scheme which encourages tenants to train neighbours, please visit

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