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Tackling anti-social behaviour


Pendleton Together is determined to tackle anti-social behaviour (ASB) and take action to protect our tenants, staff and property when necessary.  

We can intervene in a number of ways including mediation, restorative justice schemes and organising community-based projects for young people, through to applying for legal enforcements against named individuals 

In recent weeks we have secured three emergency injunctions to protect vulnerable residents and staff members against threats and abuse.

These include a court order against a tenant for targeting a young mother with disabilities, another against a resident for directing threats and abuse towards an onsite security guard, and a third against a tenant who entered reception at Brotherton House and verbally attacked staff.  Similar action is already underway against other individuals. 

Shaun Brady, our ASB and Intervention Officer, explained that seeking an early resolution to issues brought to our attention remains Pendleton Together’s preferred course of action.

But he added: “It is important that our customers understand that we take their ASB concerns extremely seriously. They can be assured that we will continue to address any known instances of ASB using all means at our disposal, including the instigation of legal proceedings.    

“Any tenant who has specific concerns about ASB should speak to our staff.  

“The Pendleton Together website also includes an interactive ASB toolbox to enable customers to work out what is regarded as anti-social behaviour, and what steps they need to take if they encounter it.” 

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