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A Water Meter may save you £££'s

water metreHave you considered installing a water meter in your property? It could save you money.

You may benefit from swapping to a water meter depending on:

  • How much you pay now
  • How much water you use
  • How many people in your home
  • How much you are able to reduce your water use.

United Utilities have produced a rough guide indicating how much you could save

Current annual bill

£300 - £400

£400 - £500

£500 - £600

£600 - £700

1 person in household

Save £6-£106

Save £106-£206

Save £206-£306

Save £306-£406

2 people in household

Savings unlikely

Small saving possible

Save £89-£189

Save £189 - £289

3 people in household

Savings unlikely

Savings unlikely

Small saving possible

Save £72 - £172

4 people in household

Savings unlikely

Savings unlikely

Savings unlikely

Small savings possible

A water meter is a device that measures how much water you use. It is similar to your electricity meter. United Utilities uses readings from the meter to calculate how much to charge you for your water and sewerage services.

If you have a meter, the amount you pay will depend on how much water you have used. 

If you do not have a meter, you will be charged a fixed amount each year (‘unmetered’ charges). These charges usually relate to the rateable value of your property. 

Next Steps 

  1. Check your bill to see how you pay for your water 
  2. Contact United Utilities to see if you can save money on 0345 672 2999.
  3. United Utilities are responsible for water supply in Salford. They will usually install it free of charge. 
  4. Use the water meter calculator at ConsumerCouncil for Water’s website. 

 Find out more in the OFWAT booklet on water meters 

This is available at:

If you would like any support with any of the above or would like to discuss please contact Pendleton Together on 0300 555 5567. 

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