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Anti-social behaviour

Pendleton Together is made up of a diverse group of people who, most of the time, get on very well. However, some people choose, for a number of reasons, not to take part in the community but, instead, to try and disrupt it. This can make life difficult for others and isn’t something that is acceptable.

When this happens we try and help the individuals to look at the reasons it’s happening:

  • Often we can help them or point them in the direction of help other people can provide.
  • One of our tenants recently overcame their own problems by getting involved in local activities while seeking help elsewhere and turned their life around.
  • However, another tenant chose to ignore that help, so we had to take legal action and get a court order to help protect other members of this community. When he broke that order, we took him to court and secured an eviction notice, meaning that several of his neighbours now feel safer and happier where they live.

As a housing organisation we’re about giving people homes, so eviction is always our last resort. However, where our tenants feel their community is threatened and the person causing the issues won’t engage with any support, we always think of the wider community and take the action required. 

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