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Fire Safety Advice

UPDATED: 13th June 2018

Following a consultation period, all tenants have been informed that work is commencing on replacing the cladding and installing sprinklers.

Updates will follow.

UPDATED - 27th July, PM

DCLG have announced the latest test results on the cladding and insulation system.

Please see the following statement from Salford City Council for further details and confirmation of next steps


UPDATED - 17th July, PM

The Deputy City Mayor of Salford has confirmed temporary arrangements to cover insulation left uncovered as aluminium composite cladding is removed at the nine Pendleton tower blocks. For more information and to read the full statement please follow


UPDATED - Friday 7th July, PM

Salford City Council have published an online update on fire safety related activity across the nine tower blocks in Pendleton. For more information please follow:


UPDATED - Wednesday 5th July, PM

We have pulled together your questions to some general themes and produced this factsheet for your reference. Further updates will follow shortly.



UPDATED - Monday 26th June, PM

Salford City Council have now received the test results back from the Government. Please follow the link for more information.



UPDATED - Sunday 25th June, PM

Work has now started on the nine high rise blocks to remove the cladding. Please follow the link for further details.



UPDATED - Sunday 25th June, AM

Following the announcement on Friday 23rd June by the City Mayor, Salford City Council has made the decision to remove the cladding from the nine high rise blocks within Pendleton.

The Mayor assured residents that work would begin as quickly as possible. Therefore works removing the cladding panels will begin Sunday 25th June. Work will start on Thorn Court followed by other blocks. The panels will be removed from the first floor and work upwards. Trident BC will be carrying out this work.

Initially the cladding panels will be removed from each block and later replaced.

We will keep all residents up to date with the progress of the work being carried out.

Works will be carried out with minimal disruption.

If you are experiencing any issues with noise the Respite Room at Brotherton House will be available for residents.

If you have any queries or concerns then please call 0300 555 5567.



UPDATED - Friday 23rd June, PM

The City Mayor of Salford, Paul Dennett, has announced this afternoon (23 June) that cladding is to be removed from the Pendleton blocks.

Full details can be found at:



UPDATED - Thursday 22nd June, PM

Pendleton Together are carrying out home visits to all residents following some further advice from government today. This is to further help ensure the safety of residents.

We are visiting people to make some basic fire safety checks to doors and smoke alarms so it is really important that we are able to carry out a short visit to every resident living in a high-rise block as quickly as we can.

Appointments will be made between 8am and 8pm. 



UPDATED - Wednesday 21st June, PM

We are aware that our residents are asking a number of questions about the cladding used to refurbish the Pendleton blocks. We appreciate that this is obviously a matter of real concern to Pendleton residents and their families.

The cladding used in Pendleton is Aluminium Composite Material (ACM). This was fitted correctly to the manufacturer’s specification and certified by an independent expert.

We can confirm that all Fire Risk Assessments for the Pendleton blocks are up to date and to reassure our residents on Friday of last week (16 June) we announced an independent review. This review will examine the refurbishment work and our ongoing safety practices and will be undertaken by independent safety experts.

These experts will remain onsite at Pendleton for the coming weeks in order to carry out their work.

We are continuing with extended patrols of buildings as a precautionary safety measure. This is to provide reassurance for residents. We are also holding drop in sessions at each block with Pendleton staff, where residents can ask any questions they have. These sessions will take place on the following days:

  • Thursday 22nd June – Whitebeam Court Community Room 2-3pm
  • Monday 26th June – Malus Court Community Room 2-3pm
  • Monday 26th June - Beech Court Community Room 6:30-7:30pm
  • Tuesday 27th June – Salix Court Community Room 3-4pm 
  • Tuesday 27th June - Spruce Court Community Room 6:30-7:30pm
  • Wednesday 28th June - Holm Court Community Room 4:30-5:30pm
  • Wednesday 28th June - Hornbeam Court Community Room 6:30-7:30pm
  • Thursday 29th June – Thorn Court Community Room 6:30-7:30pm.

We know residents will remain concerned about fire safety and we are looking closely at the specific fire advice for each block of flats, and we will advise you if there are changes.

At the same time we are working with the Department for Communities and Local Government to provide samples of the cladding used at Pendleton. These samples will be tested independently. We need to wait for the outcome of the public enquiry announced by the Prime Minister as to the exact cause of the horrendous fire at Grenfell Tower, along with any recommendations from other investigations by bodies such as the London Fire Service.

We are watching this situation carefully with our partners at Salford Council and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service and will quickly react if changes are needed.

If Pendleton residents remain worried about fire safety issues they are encouraged to attend a drop in session or contact us directly. Residents can email us at the dedicated email address at or via social media such as Twitter or Facebook. Alternatively residents can call us on 0300 555 5567, or visit our office on Loganberry Avenue.



UPDATED - Friday 16 June, early evening

In order to provide extra reassurance to our residents at this time, the out of hours security service Vision On will be undertaking some extra patrols over the coming days.  Please continue to call our 24 hour number - 0300 555 5567 - if you have any queries. 



UPDATED - Friday 16 June, PM

We understand the concerns from our residents as more information from the horrendous Grenfell fire in London becomes available.  The Prime Minister has also announced a full public enquiry into to understand the causes of the fire.  This will mean we can learn any lessons in terms of fire safety and prevention in due course.

Pendleton Together puts the safety of our residents first.  We have therefore moved quickly to hold independent review of the refurbishment work and our ongoing safety practices. This will be undertaken by safety experts which have no part in the refurbishment to date.  Contractors from the company Trident are in Pendleton today and will be onsite over the coming weeks. 

This review will involve surveyors looking into the fabric of the blocks to double check there are no issues that we need to address.   You may see surveyors on your blocks any time from today so please allow them time to undertake their work.  If you have any queries you may call us on 0300 555 5567, contact us via social media such as Twitter or Facebook or visit our office on Loganberry Avenue.

We would take the opportunity to remind our customers that the materials used during the Pendleton refurbishments are all in line with British Board Agreement accreditations.  Everything has been installed in accordance with best practice and manufacturer’s guidelines.  All works were certified on completion and fire risk assessments have been undertaken on all blocks. 



UPDATED - Thursday 15 June, AM

Together Housing has cladding on a number of its properties and, following speculation in the media, understand customers' concerns about whether it is fire resistant.

In construction, Together Housing have taken every step possible to ensure the materials they use are fire resistant and the design safe. We do not yet know the details from the Grenfell Tower Fire, so we won't speculate on the cause or be able to compare its design to ours. However, we are reviewing this on a daily basis as details become available and will be keeping tenants informed through our digital channels.



Original Post Below

Pendleton Together, like everyone in the housing sector, were horrified to hear of the fire in a London high rise tower block last night and our thoughts are with all those affected, their friends and their families.

Together Housing maintain a number of high rise blocks in Yorkshire, Lancashire and Pendleton in which fire safety is taken extremely seriously.  We work in partnership with our colleagues in the local fire services and with professional fire risk assessors to make sure our procedures reflect best practice and are kept up-to-date.

We would like to reassure all our customers and nearby residents that we are confident that everything possible is  done to ensure they are protected and kept safe.  We are, however, as a precaution, double checking all of our procedures today and, over the coming weeks, will be re-issuing our fire safety advice to customers.  We would ask that, in the meantime, they take note of the procedures in their accommodation and contact us immediately if they are concerned or want that advice to be re-issued. 

In the coming months we expect there will be much reflection on the cause and response to the fire in London.  We will be paying close attention to that and reacting to any lessons learned to modify our procedures if required and will advise tenants if we do this.


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