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Fire Safety Update

Pendleton Together Operating Limited has been working tirelessly behind the scenes with Together Housing Association and other stakeholders to develop a programme of works to ensure the ongoing safety of all our residents and address any outstanding concerns. We have always been clear that as soon as we had any update we would share that with residents first and we are now in a position to provide some further information.

Cladding Work

As you’ll know from previous newsletters, we have been looking into plans that ensure that the cladding replacement is right first time, which has been a challenge given the uncertain climate around the Government’s review of  building regulations and funding. We are now in a position where we will be inviting companies to design and tender to undertake a programme of cladding replacement.   Further information will be available in the New Year and we will share this with residents as soon as possible.   

Tenant Liaison Team

Pendleton Together has now recruited a new team of officers to ensure that we are able to provide residents with a dedicated point of contact in relation to works that will commence in 2019.

The team will start a programme of visits in the New Year.  These visits will provide residents with some detailed information about the following planned works:

  • Fire safety work

It is intended that works to replace communal firedoors will commence in April 2019.  At present we are in the process of procuring a contractor to undertake this work.  In addition to this, and following the consultation meetings held in May of this year, we will also be talking to residents about the provision of an individual fire alarm in your home.  This would be in the form of a heat detector in your hallway that connects to the main fire alarm system.   It is intended that the installation of these alarms would cause minimum disruption and we will provide further information when we call to see you.

  • The provision of advice and guidance in relation to the windows in your homes

As you know some advice was issued earlier this year to allow Pendleton Together the opportunity to investigate a number of repairs that had been received.   We have appointed an independent advisor to assist with this and we are now reaching the conclusion of the investigations.  We have also completed a number of repairs and our Resident Liaison Team will be visiting residents to give advice and assistance in the use of windows going forward.


Completed works

A full lighting replacement programme has now been completed at Spruce and T horn Courts.  The new lighting is LED and should impact positively on the energy consumption of the blocks in the future.

Electrical surveys have been completed on Hornbeam, Whitebeam and Beech Courts.  All blocks will have been surveyed before Christmas.  A programme of replacement will then commence in the New Year. This will be to the same standard as Spruce and Thorn and is intended to provide the same benefits to residents.

Keeping you informed

We understand that, over the past few months, residents have at times felt concerned about the pace of progress and the information they have received. To address this we will be sending out a regular newsletter from January which will be providing any updates and progress, as well as keeping you informed about upcoming events at Pendleton that you would be welcome to take part in.

Keeping us informed

While our staff and fire marshals identify and, where possible, solve issues as they arise it is always important that you keep us informed of any concerns or questions you might have. You can do this by dropping in to see us at Brotherton House or calling us on 0300 555 5567.

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