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Grant award hits the right note

Salford Lads clubNewground Together is helping to revitalise the rich musical heritage of the Salford Lads Club by helping to fund a new £43,000 rehearsal space at the iconic centre.

The club is famous the world over, not only for fans of The Smiths the world over who make a pilgrimage to the Grade II listed building on Coronation Street to mimic Stephen Wright’s 1985 picture, which featured on The Queen Is Dead album cover, but it was also where Graham Nash and Allan Clarke of The Hollies started their singing careers before they made it famous.

The club also recently received the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.

But now a derelict space at the top of the building is being turned into a band room to nurture the next rock stars, thanks to £20,000 from Newground Together.

Peter Jordan, Executive Director of Newground Together, said: “The Salford Lads Club is one of the most iconic musical landmarks in the country and already has amazing support from members and volunteers alike.

“The club is steeped in musical history and creating a dedicated rehearsal space to encourage new, young musicians and bands and adds to the wide range of activities that they are able to support young people with.

“We’re very happy to have been able to support this project and who knows, the club could spawn another great band.”

Project Manager Leslie Holmes added:  “It’s fantastic to get support from Newground Together to bring new life into one of the most important spaces in the club.

“The bandroom has been derelict for many years but at one time it was the focus for musical entertainment. We want to expand on this heritage to provide a space for music, drama and even dance."

Paul Longshaw, Lead Member for Housing and Neighbourhoods at Salford City Council, said: "Our key housing partners are making some fantastic and much needed community investments across our city.

“This is another and it's this type of social investment and contribution that helps to make our places work better."

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