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Lark Hill larder

Larkhill SchoolNutritious food is on the menu as part of Lark Hill Primary School’s community food growing project.

Newground Together, a member of the Together Housing Group, has granted the Pendleton school £17,971 to help their Parent Forum’s Wellbeing programme.

The funding will help pay for Support Worker Harry Melody and provide finance for plants and materials for the allotments to grow food, which can be used in the school to promote healthy eating.

Children and parents will be able to create new beds using recycled and salvaged materials, in and out of school hours.

Harry Melody, the support worker, said: “It’s a very exciting opportunity. Before I got involved with the forum, I was a lone parent and just sat around twiddling my thumbs.

“Now I have a real purpose and I’ve got big plans. And the kids are really excited as well. They’re signing up to a gardening club and getting involved with other projects in the gardens including the Farm to Fork Project with Tesco.

“It’s a really exciting for the school and we’re really thankful to get the funding.”
For more information, contact the school on 0161 921 1390 or e-mail

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