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Tackling antisocial behaviour together

At Pendleton Together we work hard to ensure that our community is a welcoming and pleasant place to live and with your help identifying issues we have been able to tackle some areas of concern. 

In the first quarter of the year we opened 36 antisocial behaviour (ASB) cases and we are pleased to say that 26 of them have been successfully resolved.

There are a number of ways that we can work together to resolve nuisance and criminal behaviour in our community. While each case is unique, Shaun Brady, ASB and Intervention Officer, explains the usual process for dealing with ASB: “We would start by encouraging tenants to approach the person who is responsible, after all they could be unaware that there is an issue. If that fails, we would start at low level intervention – writing or completing a home visit to the person deemed responsible, advising them of the issue and hoping to nip it in the bud. 

“Sometimes things escalate beyond this point, and then we could consider an Acceptable Behaviour Agreement. We can also offer noise monitoring equipment, joint visits with the police, office interviews, the use of ASB diaries and even mediation with assisting organisations.”

In the worst cases of ASB, matters can deteriorate. Shaun says: “Legal interventions are a last resort, but if we need to take action this could include Tenancy Warnings, Tenancy Demotions, Notice of Seeking Possession, emergency injunctions and undertakings at court.”

We have recently been extremely successful in resolving ASB cases and Shaun was able to help many tenants retain their tenancies and resolve personal issues.

“My biggest piece of advice is... your tenancy is your refuge, your rock when everything else may be falling apart. Once lost it is extremely difficult to find a way forward. Work with us and not against us. We are about sustaining tenancies, not ending them.”

Shaun says that if you are experiencing ASB near your home, you should report it as soon as possible because a quick intervention often resolves the matter: “There is strength in numbers – you can discuss your concerns with your local TARA, talk about it to trusted friends and neighbours and above all else speak to your Housing Officer or myself.”


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