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Pendleton Together celebrates special Salford women on International Women’s Day

Residents and staff at Pendleton Together shared stories about the special women in their lives on Friday 8th March to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Tenant Cath Anderson organised a successful event which showcased old household items used by women many years ago to clean and wash. The memory boxes, borrowed from Salford Museum and Art Gallery, include old memoires and objects from years gone by, provoking discussion amongst residents and giving older residents the opportunity to share their memories with younger people.


As well as sharing their own memories of the inspirational women they know, residents were able to look back on the many famous women who shaped the world we live in today. Cath organised a series of displays that showcased famous women in history and told the tales of their lives, and how they became an inspiration to the women of today. The display will be in Brotherton House reception until Monday 18th March 2019 so that residents and passersby can enjoy them.



Sarah Davies, Neighbourhood Officer, said: “There were some very inspiring women on display, I never realised just how many famous women had a Salford connection.”

Lynne Harrison, Community Initiatives Officer, said: “Cath did a fantastic job of organising such an inspiring and inclusive event. Both staff and residents have had the opportunity to celebrate International Women’s Day in a unique way, learning about famous women in history but also sharing their own experiences of inspiring women, including friends and family.

“If there are other tenants who would like to get involved in future events, or have their own ideas for events and would like our support, we would love to speak to you. You can contact me on 0300 555 5567 to discuss any ideas you might have, or to see how else you can get involved.”  


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