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Salford through the ages

On Tuesday 13th March residents came together to share memories of Salford old and new. Memory Afternoon, which took place at Brotherton House, had residents reminiscing about their childhoods and what it was like to grow up in Salford.

Memories Matter resource boxes borrowed from Salford Museum and Art Gallery brought the afternoon to life, with amazing artefacts from previous decades. Older residents took great joy in recognising belongings from their younger years and sharing their knowledge with younger members of the group. Old fashioned table top mincers and glass blamange moulds sparked memories of favourite meals and life in the kitchen.

Taking residents back to their childhoods, the memory boxes were full of handmade toys and rattles, a beautiful spinning top and even an old pair of children's leather clogs. Beverley Davis, a resident, said: "The sound of clogs with a wooden heel tapping on the cobbled streets reminds me of my childhood in Salford - the sound of clogs was the first thing you would hear in a morning as the men set off to work. They don't make them like they used to!"

While residents shared their pleasant stories and favourite memories of Salford, they also enjoyed old fashioned sweets. Sweet shop favourites like liquorice allsorts, mint humbugs and midget gems were passed around as we showed old film clips of Salford Docks, popular pubs, places of work and the streets people grew up on.

Memory Afternoon


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