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Walk in my shoes for LGBT History Month

Pendleton Together staff and residents showed their support for LGBT History Month at the ‘Walk In My Shoes’ exhibition proudly hosted at Brotherton House.

The interactive exhibition has been making its way around a number of Salford organisations, before it took pride of place in Brotherton House reception on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd February. The exhibition featured a pull up banner with artwork designed by students at Salford City College, as well as interactive audio recordings.

The audio recordings captured Salford residents’ stories of what it was like to grow up in the city as a member of the LGBT community. They include a variety of personal and emotional monologues from people in Salford who grew up experiencing violence, abandonment and isolation and who survived by forming communities and even secret languages. While the display has moved along, the audio clips are still available to listen to online here.

Tenants and staff were keen to raise awareness on the day by listening to the audio clips, as well as writing their own postcards to show their support for the LGBT community and create a display.

Some of the postcards said: “I loved listening to sound and enjoyed the display – it was wonderful. Well done Pendleton Together for making everyone feel valued” and “driving home I saw a young couple holding hands and kissing, it made me smile. Then I realised it was two men, and this made me really happy because society has come such a long way since I was younger.”

After listening to the stories and writing their own postcards, residents and staff were given rainbow shoe laces to wear. Our Estate Services Team each wore a pair of rainbow laces with pride as they went out onto the estate and completed their usual jobs, helping to raise awareness in the community.


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