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Latest updates on works

Fire Doors

As you know, Pendleton Together has been working with their contractor, Truline, to inspect all communal fire doors.

These surveys have now been completed in Thorn Court and will continue around all the remaining blocks in the coming weeks.

Truline are surveying all communal fire doors, including riser doors, as part of their survey programme. As well as checking all doors, they’ll also inspect all frames and ironmongery. Any replacement or repair of doors will be undertaken where necessary. It is expected that this will commence at the end of April 2019.

Heat Alarms

We have, through the Greater Manchester procurement framework, identified a contractor that will provide a heat alarm for installation in every home in our blocks. This heat alarm will be connected to the block’s communal alarm.

Fieldway have been chosen to undertaken this work and have completed a trial at Beech Court. Following feedback from residents and other stakeholders we have asked the contractor to suggest alternative approaches to installation and hope to provide you with an update next month.


We are writing to all residents this month to begin booking appointments to demonstrate the safe operation of windows and patio doors. We aim to complete these visits over the next few months. Until you’ve had a visit from staff, we’d ask residents to continue to follow previous advice.

The Heras fencing that was placed around blocks last year will be removed at the end of March as we have completed our work to check the suitability of balcony glazing.

We have experienced two occasions where balcony glass has broken and these have been deemed due to vandalism. We have however appointed an independent technical adviser to review the balconies and glazing. The review is now complete and we are reassured that the glazing has been found to be industry standard for use and compliant with all regulations.


The tender for replacing the cladding on the outside of the buildings has now been launched and by June we hope to have shortlisted our preferred contractors.

Previously, Pendleton Together have tested and consulted on a new cladding system. This solution remains compliant however, as there have been a large number of new products on the market, those submitting tenders are also able to consider these and may therefore offer alternatives to the original proposal.

The shortlisting will involve rigorous reviewing by independent technical advisors to ensure that contractors are suitable and provide value for money as well as ensuring the cladding system they propose meets or exceeds national guidance.

Following the tender process, we will consult with residents on any proposed changes to the previous cladding.

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