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Works Programme Update


Work to select a contractor to carry out the replacement cladding and sprinkler work is continuing. Following advertisement of the tender for the works we have now narrowed the field to two contractors with a successful contractor due to be appointed in June. The contractor will then have up to around 14 weeks to make final preparations, which will involve talking to residents about the chosen cladding system. We expect to tell you the detailed timetable early in the autumn, to begin work toward the end of September.

Fire Doors

Truline have been appointed to carry out work to fire doors and all doors have been surveyed on Thorn, Spruce, Plane, Malus and Beech Courts. Replacement of doors where needed in line with recent government advice will now begin in June.

Heat Alarms

Fieldway have been appointed to upgrade the individual heat alarms in each apartment . They installed a trial system for the heat alarm in Beech Court and following feedback from residents they have now come back with an alternative approach to installation that conceals the wiring in the ceilings of communal areas. This proposal is being checked by advisers and it is hoped that this work will also begin in June.

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