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November Works Update


The programme of works is now under way and contractors will be surveying all our properties over the next few months. The survey involves three things. First, a surveyor comes and opens voids in various parts of the flat. Next, a second surveyor comes to complete the full inspection. Finally, a joiner comes to close any voids and repair any minor damage caused arising from the survey, for example by drilling that may need to take place.

The Resident Liaison Officers (RLOs) are on hand to answer any queries you have before or after the survey. They will also come at the start of the appointment and will be based nearby if they are needed.

Residents will be contacted individually.

To speak to your RLO call 0300 555 5567 or email

You can also watch videos about the surveys and find out more at


As part of the survey work cladding on the third floor of Thorn and Spruce Court will be removed. This is to allow cladding contractors to inspect the external wall while they complete design work for replacement cladding. This will only affect a two properties and tenants of these properties have already been contacted.

Neighbourhood Officers will be supporting these residents, as well as the residents of Plane Court, to monitor energy use until the start of cladding and insulation replacement works. Pendleton Together Operating Limited have confirmed that they expect cladding removal to begin early in 2020. The compensation scheme piloted successfully in Plane Court last year will begin again in the near future.

Grenfell Report

Residents may have read the Phase 1 report from the Grenfell Tower Inquiry.

Together Housing Group and its partners, including Salford City Council, are reviewing the document’s recommendations. A number of the recommendations were implemented by Pendleton Together and across Together Housing Group before the report was published, including:

  • We have already gathered evacuation information to share with the fire service (please see details in the newsletter if you need to update us)
  • Our Fire Risk Assessments are up-to-date and reviewed annually, including an inspection of all building signage. They include floor plans and evacuation information.
  • We have shared evacuation information with residents through letters, online and via audio CDs where requested.
  • We already carry out regular lift inspections, which are up-to-date in all our blocks.
  • Our fire door inspections are complete a replacement work is under way as well as surveys for work installing alarms to alert residents in the case of an evacuation.

We’ll continue to work with the Greater Manchester High Rise Task Force to review and further recommendations both from this report and the Phase 2 report which is expected in 2021-22.  The council has responded to High Rise Task Force recommendations and committed to the installation of Sprinklers in the tower blocks

Doors in Communal Areas

Truline has completed surveys of all corridor, riser and bin cupboard doors and, where replacement doors will improve safety, a programme of replacement has begun.

Evacuation Needs

Please make sure that Pendleton Together know if you have any needs that may mean you have difficulty self- evacuating. In the case of an evacuation, we share these details with the fire service. If your needs change, it is important you keep us up to date.

You can drop in to Brotherton House or contact us by phone on the usual number.

Planning to be safe and well

Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service can provide you with a Safe and well Visit to talk about how you can keep yourself safe. To book, you can call the fire service for free on 0800 555 815 or you can email

Knowing You

To keep you up to date we need to make sure we have the right contact details for you including your phone number and, if you have them, mobile phone number and email address. Did you know that, if we have your email address, you’ll also get these newsletters by email?

To update us, call 0300 555 5567, pop into Brotherton House or email

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