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Help decorating your home

Once your home has been refurbished you can decorate your home yourself and receive vouchers or a payment into a Credit Union Account or we will come and decorate it for you.The choice is yours.

If you decorate your home yourselfyou will receive £50 per room in vouchers.If you choose to pay it into a Credit Union account we will pay the equivalent amount into your account and provide an extra £100.  Every household that decorates will be entered into an exclusive Pendleton Together Draw to win a holiday of a lifetime. This will be drawn when the last property is complete.

Your home will be redecorated within eight weeks of completing the improvements.

Option 1

We decorate your rooms within eight weeks of completing the improvements.

  • You will be given a range of six paint colours to choose from.
  • Ceilings, architraves and skirtings will be painted white.
  • We will visit you to agree your colour choices for your walls.

 Option 2

The Pendleton Paint Box

  • You decorate and receive materials and tools to do the job.
  • We offer you expert advice, tips and support.
  • You will receive the same choice of paint and vinyl paper.
  • You will receive a £50 voucher per room for your time and you will have five weeks to do the work.  If you allow us to pay the money into a Credit Union account and keep it there for six months we will add an extra £100. The Salford Credit Union is based at Brotherton.
  • “How To” training events will be held to give you decorating tips. You may use your own materials.
  • Pendleton Together will inspect the work once completed.
  • All households taking up the paint box will be entered into a holiday of a lifetime prize draw to be drawn at the end of the refurbishment programme.

Prior to any refurbishment work getting underway, we will agree with you the  approach you want to take. For more information on the Pendleton TogetherDecoration Team call 0300 555 5567.

Your toolbox

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