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Step by Step Guide to Home Improvements

Step by Step Guide to Home Improvement

If your home is having improvements, the steps below will explain what will happen.

Step 1

We will send you a letter about 14 days before we start any work, giving you a ‘provisional’ start date.

This letter will confirm what work will be carried out in your home, and will also tell you when your resident liaison officer (RLO) will visit you.

Step 2

You will receive a letter about seven days before the work starts confirming the exact start date.

Step 3

The day before work starts on your home, a member of the site team or your RLO will visit you to make sure that you have made all the preparations, ready for the work to start.

Step 4

We will carry out the work to your home. Your RLO will regularly visit you.

Step 5

We will inspect your home after we have completed all the work. We will give you advice on how to use any new systems that we have installed. We will also ask you to fill in a customer satisfaction questionnaire.

Your toolbox

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