Noise & Music

Noise can make it uncomfortable to be in your home and it is important, particualrly for those with sensory issues, that noise is managed effectively. However, not all noise is anti-social behaviour.

If you are ever concerned about noise from a neighbour, please work with them in the first instance if you can.

The following noise could be considered anti social behaviour:

  • Loud noise and music, if it takes place for at least 30 minutes a day five days in a week. You can contact us to report this, noting dates and times.
  • Deliberate noise to distress others. Please see our harassment section.
  • Dogs barking persistently

In these cases, if you are unable to resolve it, please contact us.

The following would not normally be considered anti social behaviour:

  • Arguing and shouting from other homes
  • Noise from DIY if carried out at a reasonable hour
  • Noise from children playing or babies crying
  • General living noises (doors, washing machines, footsteps)
  • One off parties
  • Regular but not persistent barking 

In these situations, please try and resolve the matter yourselves, or find adaptations and mitigations that can help you to deal with the disturbances.

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