Anti-social Behaviour

Hello, I’m Nike, the ASB and Intervention Officer. You can report anti-social behaviour to me and we will investigate and, if neccessary, take action.

We always try and avoid interventions; often residents don’t realise they are causing an issue and quickly rectify their behaviour.

However, in some cases we are left with no option but to intervene. This might take the form of a verbal or written warning, a court injunction or, as a last resort, eviction. We may carry this out with or without police involvement, but we will always report illegal actions to the police.

Of course, it’s better if it can be resolved before it even gets reported to me. Please use the options below to see how you might resolve matters before filing a report.

All reports are treated in the strictest confidence, except where we need to disclose information to protect a person or animal from harm or in order to comply with the law.

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Supporting You Anti-social Behaviour