Reporting Anti Social Behaviour

You should not have to live with anti-social behaviour. We want to ensure you are and feel safe and we will take action against residents who persistently participate in anti-social activities.

However, before you report anti social behaviour please use the following checklist:

  1. If it is an emergency or someone is in immediate danger, call the police using 999
  2. If criminal activity is involved please report it to the police first on 101 or online
  3. Have you checked the relevant section of this website to make sure that what is happening does fall under what we would call anti social behaviour?
  4. Have you tried to address it yourself? You should never put yourself in danger doing so, but sometimes having a polite word with the person causing you concern can resolve it; they may not realise what they are doing is offensive to you.
  5. Is there any work around? For example, if someone is causing unavoidable noise, can you use ear defenders or noise cancelling headphones?

If you still think you need to report anti-social behaviour, please email Nike at Please include your name, contact telephone number, a description of the issue and any logs you have kept (if applicable).


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