Money Matters

Everyone’s home is important to them. It should be our place, where we, and our families feel comfortable and safe.

Most people prioritise their home above most other expenses, because it means so much to them and their family. However, it’s not always easy to juggle rent or mortgage alongside other bills like food, heating and even necessary luxuries like having a well earned break.

Pendleton Together are committed to working with residents to help them manage their money. This could be:

  • Support around banking and budgeting
  • Support around savings, through Salford Credit Union
  • Support around understanding, applying for and managing benefits
  • Support with paying your rent.

If you are concerned about your financial situation, please always contact us first, or come and speak to Salford Credit Union. Never, ever borrow money from an unauthorised lender, such as a loan shark, and be careful about borrowing money from companies charging a high rate of interest.

You can find out more using the toolkit below.

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Supporting You Money Matters