Are you an ECO Resident?

We must all actively act now to reduce our carbon footprint and the effects of global warming, whilst also looking after ourselves and our communities. We are asking you, our residents, to get the balance right in Pendleton – by focusing on our Environment, our Community and Ourselves.

If you are reading this thinking what can I do? Do I have to change everything about my lifestyle? It’s too overwhelming – I can’t do this! By getting the balance right you can do this without changing every aspect of your lifestyle.

Become an ECO Resident!

Begin by making small environmentally friendly changes and over time, as you feel more comfortable, build on these. Use our points guide below to help you make small changes – no change is insignificant! As a bonus, after you collect 12 points from either of the two sections below, you can be in with a chance of winning £500 by entering our prize draw.

The prize money can be used to purchase any A-rated appliance or any zero-emission transport products, such as, fridges, bikes, installation of solar panels or even towards a fully electric car. Two runners up will receive £250 each for use in the same way.

The prize draw is running from September 2021 – March 2022

You should read the full terms and conditions below the contact form (at the very bottom of the page) before entering and it is up to you to do so.

However, to make it easier we have summarised the key points:

  • This is a short summary. It is up to you to read the rest of the terms and conditions to find out all the detail. If you don’t, it is not our fault.
  • Before you buy your prize, check with us that it’s eligible. You will have to buy it for us to repay the difference. If you can’t do this, talk to us.
  • You cannot borrow money or use a credit card to make your purchase
  • You must keep proof of all your tasks, as we will want to check that if you win.
  • You can have help, but you must complete the tasks yourself.
  • You can’t exchange these prizes for cash. If your product costs less than your prize, you don’t get the difference back to you.
  • You can only do one purchase. You can buy lots of items at the same time, but not separately. Unless the items are one of the things below, we will only use the prize money towards the things that are. So, if you buy an A-Rated TV for £3000 and a B-Rated fridge for £300 at the same time, we will only refund you the £300.
  • You can use your prize to buy (but please check with us first)
    • Any electrical appliance rated A
    • A zero emission road vehicle (bicycle, electric bike, fully electric car) NB: E-Scooters and Hybrid cars are not acceptable.
    • Non-plastic Bicycle accessories for a bike you already have
    • Electric car accessories if you already have or are buying an electric car
    • Anything else that we agree, in writing, is an energy efficient product


One Point tasks
  1. Plant new flowers/plants (indoors and outdoors)
  2.  Increase the amount you recycle (photo evidence or recycle bin)
  3. Make one meal without plastic on any of the ingredients
  4. Make a plan to reduce your energy consumption
  5. Evidence taking at least one action from that plan
  6. Evidence one journey at least travelling at least 2 miles from home taken on public transport of with a zero emissions vehicle/method
  7. Switch lighting in a main room (lounge, main bedroom or kitchen) to LED lighting
  8. Make an appointment for energy support from Pendleton Together or a registered charity or governmental organization giving energy advice to discuss support with bills, energy consumption or better use o NIBE heating
  9. Demonstrate that you have taken action following the advice
  10. Visit a Salford or Pendleton Together park
  11.  Undertake a short (one session) environmental online or real-time course (possibly produced in house)
  12. Attend Pendleton Together Food Fayre
  13. Undertake one item of environmental action for the community (e.g. picking up some litter)
  14. Check on a neighbour in cold or hot weather to ensure they have water/heating
Two Point Tasks
  1. Switch to a renewable energy tariff
  2. Do a weekly shop (as defined as enough food for at least six meals for the household size) with no plastic or demonstrate a long term plastic reduction
  3. Replace all lights in the house with LED lights
  4. Install a water meter
  5. Undertake one week (5 days) using only public transport or zero emission vehicles/methods
  6. Undertake volunteering (or obtain paid work) working on the environment
  7.  Undertake an online course (or enrol in a real-time course) on an environmental topic

Tell us when you complete a task

Terms & Conditions

3 + 9 =

Terms & Conditions

These terms do not affect your statutory rights. Pendleton Together reserve the right to vary these terms without notice. In such an event, all entrants will be contacted and given the opportunity to withdraw their entry to the competition.

To enter this competition, you must be:

  • A resident of Together Housing Group (either a tenant or leaseholder)
  • Over 18 years of age
  • Not an employee of, existing spouse of or co-habiting with an employee of Together Housing Group
  • Not facing current legal sanctions or pre-legal action from Together Housing Group.

All tasks that are entered as complete must be:

  • Evidenced by independent documentation, including but not limited to:
    • As appropriate Receipt, Bill, Utility Contract or ticket
    • Dated evidence of internet purchase
    • Photographs with time, date and location embedded (photos taken on a phone are usually suitable for this).
    • Statement of witness or participation by a course leader or agency
    • Certificates of participation

Pendleton Together staff can, in their sole capacity, determine whether evidence is suitable, unless it has been agreed by prior written arrangement or is included in the list above.

If you are in doubt about the evidence, you should check it is eligible with Pendleton Together before undertaking the task

Evidence will not be collected and retained, however it should be retained by the entrant until the winner is announced to allow for inspection.

  • Undertaken by the entrant. While they can have reasonable help and support in respect to their needs, an entrant cannot mark as complete a task that they have not completed to the best of their ability themselves.
  • Completed individually. While entrants can complete tasks together or with others, they must both complete the action involved individually. For example, if they go shopping together, they must both complete the purchase; they can’t simply go into the shop with someone and claim the action.
  • Completed safely (in the view of Pendleton Together staff) and legally and without liability to Pendleton Together

The draw is open to anyone, regardless of their protected characteristic. We believe that the tasks have been developed without prejudice to include tasks for all ages and ability. If an entrant can provide medical evidence or other evidence deemed acceptable by Pendleton Together at their sole discretion, that they cannot complete tasks to a value of twelve points due to medical conditions or due to other recognized needs., then they will be asked to agree suitable tasks in writing with Pendleton Together. Pendleton Together will work with such entrants to establish tasks to the best of their ability. However, if an entrant repeatedly turns down five or more suggestions that comply with their needs, Pendleton Together reserve the right to refuse entry to the competition.

To be entered into a draw, all entries must have tasks completed to a value of 12 points or more. In order to receive a prize, winners must consent to press and publicity work with Pendleton Together which may include identifying them by first name, photograph or video in publications, press releases and on social media.

All entries must be complete by 23:59 (11.59pm) on 31st March, 2022. Anything received after this time will be disregarded, regardless of merit or circumstances, unless those circumstances are solely due an error on the part of Pendleton Together. Entries can be completed online up until this time. Pendleton Together must be in receipt of any entries delivered manually before this time.

Prizes will be allocated by random draw by a member of staff at Pendleton Together. Those draws will be:

  1. Main Prize
  2. Runner up 1
  3. Runner up 2
  4. Back up 1
  5. Back up 2

In the event that one or more of these winners is shown to be invalidated or is refused by the winner then the next winner down will receive that prize. Backup 1 – 2 will not be identified and will be discarded following allocations of the main three prizes.

All tasks are completed at the entrants’ own risk and Together Housing Group and its partners have no liability whatsoever for the health & safety of anyone completing a task. Pendleton Together and its partners ask all entrants to avoid any behaviour that could be seen as anti-social, illegal or could be counter productive the cause of ecological improvement. Entrants should assess their own capabilities before undertaking a task and should not undertake any tasks that leave them detrimental in terms of health, financial stability or any other matter that could affect their quality of life. Where necessary, entrants should seek independent, expert medical, financial or legal advice prior to undertaking any task. Pendleton Together is not responsible for the consequences of anybody undertaking any or a number of these tasks.

Prizes will be awarded by random prize draw. Following the draw, winners will be given up to 28 calendar days to provide any details for verification purposes. If in that time they fail to produce evidence (as defined by the view of Pendleton Together staff and this document) the prize will be given to the next person drawn.

Prizes will be awarded as follows:

  • Main prize: £500 towards an energy efficient product as defined below
  • Runners Up: £250 each towards an energy efficient product as defined below

There will be no cash alternatives and the prizes are not transferrable. Evidence of an intention to sell your prize or evidence of attempts to sell it prior to your receipt of funds may result in Pendleton Together removing or not paying funds and we will not be liable for any losses as a result. If you are known to have re-sold your purchase within six months of purchase, you may be disqualified from future competitions of this type.

Prizes will be paid in arrears, following receipt of purchase. If a winner or runner up is unable to complete the purchase without funds being awarded first, they must work with Pendleton Together to complete the purchase, with the funds being deducted prior to completion.

Prizes must be purchased within 28 days of notification of winning, though delivery can be after that time. We strongly advise all winners to verify that the purchase is eligible prior to completion. Pendleton Together will not be accountable for any liabilities or losses to any party as result of you purchasing an ineligible item.

Purchase must be from a legitimate and registered business. The legitimacy of the business is decided by Pendleton Together at their sole discretion. If the business is not a registered UK company, please check with Pendleton Together prior to purchase.

Products must be new or reconditioned, safe and legal for the purpose for which they will most likely be used. In case of zero omission vehicles that are certified safe and from a registered company, second hand may be considered, but not for any other electrical product. Pendleton Together reserve the right to disregard and not pay for any product that, in their view, is or is likely to be used for harmful or illegal purposes. Purchases must be for the primary use of the winner or those living with them.

You may not make a purchase where you are having to borrow money, including on a credit card, to make up the remaining amount. If a credit card is required for purchase, Pendleton Together may require site of evidence that you have funds to pay off the remaining amount. This will be recorded, but no evidence of personal finance will be retained.

Pendleton Together and its partners cannot be held liable for any losses or damages arising from the purchase, whether pre-sale, post-sale or during delivery. The funds cannot be used in the event of a refund. An energy efficient product will be one of the following:

  • Any electrical appliance rated A
  • A zero emission road vehicle (bicycle, electric bike, fully electric car) NB: E-Scooters and Hybrid cars are not acceptable.
  • Bicycle accessories that are not mainly made of plastic and that will enable greater use of a bicycle that the winner already possesses.
  • Electric car accessories that will enable to purchase of an electric car or hybrid or greater use of an electric car or hybrid.
  • Solar panels or any product that aids renewable electricity generation
  • A product agreed in writing with Pendleton Together prior to purchase and at their sole discretion that will enable the winner to significantly reduce their carbon footprint. B rated devices will not be acceptable.

A winner cannot purchase multiple items unless they are part of the same purchase and all of the items, to the value of the winnings or greater, are of the criteria above. If an item is bought that is less than the value of the winnings, Pendleton Together will cover the cost in full, but no cash difference will be paid to the winner, nor will they be given credit on other items.

All data related to the competition, including email addresses shall be retained on a secure system in line with Pendleton Together’s Data Protection Policy until the reporting at the end of the financial year 22/23 (April 2023) at which point it will be deleted, unless it is a requirement for financial or audit purposes. Confirmation of evidence (as witnessed by a member of Pendleton Together staff) will be retained under the same terms, but examples of the evidence will not be. Photographs , video and winning images will be retained until the start of the following financial year, but may be retained on the website and previously printed publicity until such time as they are no longer needed or permission is revoked.

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