Grass Cutting

Keeping your garden neat and tidy is part of your Tenancy Agreement.

Our commitment is to:

  • Maintain open grassed areas on estates between March and October each year.  It’s not possible to guarantee the timings of these because bad weather sometimes prevents us from carrying out the grass cutting at the scheduled time. We will not cut the grass in heavy rain or when the ground is too soft. Following consultation with tenants, grass cuttings are not collected as the cost of doing so is too high
  • Prune and tidy shrub beds on estates between November and February each year 
  • Visit estates regularly to clear litter from our open land and communal spaces
  • Remove fly tipped rubbish from our open land and communal spaces within five working days (hazardous items e.g. Fridges or sharps will be removed within 24 hours)
  • Strim and tidy gardens of empty homes prior to re-letting
  • Carry out minor repairs to wooden fencing/gates
  • Arrange for graffiti to be removed (within 24 hours where racist or offensive) 
  • Respond to requests for work to prune or remove trees on our open land or in tenants’ gardens by carrying out a thorough inspection within 28 days 
  • Carry out necessary work to dead, dying, diseased or dangerous trees 
  • Clean and inspect our play areas weekly 
  • Carry out minor repairs or make safe play equipment as required.
Cold snap alert

Cold snap alert

The Met Office have issued a Level 2 Cold Weather Alert for Salford this weekend. You can see the government Cold Weather plan pages for how to protect yourself against the cold, including information about doing so during Covid 19, here. If you have any concerns...

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Pendleton Together is responsible for the day-to-day running of all Salford Council owned homes in the Pendleton regeneration area.

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