Recycling in blocks

Wherever you live, tackling waste is important for the future of resources. Living in our high rise blocks is no exception. So we’ve made it easy for you to recycle.

We ask you to Sort your rubbish, Bin  your rubbish and stick it in the rubbish chute provided.

Sort it, Bin it, Chute It

Sort It

In your apartment there are three bins for you to separate your rubbish. These are for:

  • paper/cardboard
  • glass/plastic/cans
  • non-recyclable waste

Bin It

Put non-recyclable waste in a tied bin liner and recyclables directly into the bin. When your bin gets full carry it from your apartment to the recycling chute located in the corridor.

Chute It

On each floor there is a chute. It is for paper/cardboard, glass/ plastic/tin and non recyclable waste (any glass and plastic that is put into chutes are bottles)

What can go in the rubbish chute?

A rubbish chute is suitable for rubbish that has been sorted, is bagged and is small waste. This includes:

  • Recycled materials such as cardboard or bottles
  • General rubbish like packaging or food waste
  • Small amounts of animal waste if bagged (and preferably double bagged)

The chute is not suitable for:

  • Medium or large waste such as furnitiure, stairgates, non-collapsed or large plastic boxes
  • Unbagged waste, especially animal waste or food waste
  • Bulky or heavy items that may clog or damage the shafts

These items should be disposed of manually, preferably at a recycling centre. If you are unsure please email for advice.

Putting unsuitable waste into the chute means work to retrieve, clean and repair and can seriously injure staff or other users. It is often a breach of your tenancy agreement, so please check before you put anything you are unsure of down the chute.

Understanding the chute buttons

ou will see a number of different buttons on the control panel. You need to press the right button for the waste you wish to deposit down the chute. This will make sure that your recycling goes into the correct bin in the bin storage area.

If the green light is on it means that the chute door is open and it is OK to put your recycling in.

If the red light is on, it means the chute is in use by somebody on another floor. Please wait until the light is off before using the chute.

What you can recycle using the blue button (no plastic bags)

  • All Cardboard
  • Directories & catalogues
  • Newspapers & magazines
  • Paper & Envelopes
  • Cartons e.g. Tetra Pak
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