Emergency Repairs

We try to keep all our properties in a good state of repair, but sometimes things happen that mean repairs are needed immediately.

We know that all repairs, however minor, matter to you and some are often urgent, so we always try and get to every repair as soon as possible. Some repairs, however, are so urgent that we have to prioritise them. We call these “emergency repairs”. An emergency repair is a repair that requires making safe or repairing where there is immediate risk to life and/or a danger/risk to property.  Examples of emergency repairs are:

  • Severe leaks which can’t be contained
  • Major electrical failure (not a power cut)
  • Exposed live electrical wires

To raise an Emergency Repair, you must call us on 0300 555 5567 and speak with one of our friendly customer service advisors who will assist you. Even if it turns out not to count as an emergency repair, we’re always grateful for early reporting of any issue and can discuss other options for non-emergency repairs. However, if you mislead us in order to get your repair prioritised unfairly, we may re-charge you.

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