Heating Your Home

Being comfortable and healthy at home is important, so making sure your home is the right temperature is vital. We understand, however, that this can be complicated and costly.

Keeping your home warm isn’t just important to your comfort; having the right temperature and ventilation reduces condensation and can have implications for your health. On this page you will find support and tips for keeping your home heated safely and correctly as well as guides to using the NIBE heaters installed in our high rise blocks.

Top Tips for heating your home

Top tips on heating your apartment

  • Make sure your heating system is set up for your life style – you will find some helpful videos in the NIBE section below.  It will mean your home will be at the right temperature at the times you want.
  • If using a NIBE system, keep your heating system turned on at all times – it is far more efficient when permanently on. This means you will need to keep the electricity metre in credit – doing this keeps the water hot and avoids the need to reheat cooled water. If you live in a Pendelton Together House, it is also efficent to keep the heating on and control it with the thermostat, though you may want to switch the heating off if you are not at home.
  • Keep you radiators turned on (especially in the hall, kitchen and bathroom) – this enables the rooms to heat up to the temperature you have set on your system and will not require the exhaust air heat pump to work too hard.
  • Avoid covering radiators, use a clothes horse to dry clothes. If you ask us to carry out a check on your heating system we will provide you with a free clothes horse.
  • Do not block the air vents. There are vents in each room of your home and on the heating unit.  The flow of air helps the heating system stay efficient.
  • If a red light appears on your NIBE system or you have concerns about your boiler, contact Pendleton Together.

Using your NIBE system

These videos have been produced to assist you in using your NIBE heating system correctly.

In the event of any repairs or emergencies, please call us on: 0300 555 5567

We do hope that these guides are useful and help you understand how to get the best out of your NIBE.

How to Guides


setting the hot water

raise or lower the normal operating temperature

schedule the time of your heating

understanding the thermostat and radiator

how to change time, date & language

cleaning the filter of the heat pump

display screen on your heating system

holiday mode

How to clean the vent ducts

important safety feature

when to contact pendleton together

If you find your NIBE boiler is costing you too much to run, please contact us and we will be happy to help you look at your usage and help make cost saving suggestions.

If you don’t have a paper copy of your NIBE user guide, you can download a copy here. Alternatively if you require further assistance, please contact us on 0300 5555567.

Gas heating

We have a legal duty to ensure that a gas safety check is carried out on tenanted properties at least once every 12 months. The safety check is very important to make sure the gas appliances in homes are safe and in good working order.

We can offer this service to leaseholders for a small fee and we have an appointment system offering various time slots for your convenience.

Please make sure you are in when we call if you have made an appointment.

What you can do to help us:
Never use a gas appliance if you suspect it isn’t working properly.

Never block/cover air vents/bricks or cover an appliance, but do maintain adequate ventilation at all times.

If you have a pre-payment meter please ensure you have credit available to enable us to carry out a gas service.

Always use a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer to repair,install or service your gas appliances.

Please make sure we have your correct contact details. i.e. current mobile phone number.

Energy Health Checks

If you feel you are paying too much for your heating and hot water contact Pendleton Together for a free energy check. You can email pendleton@togetherhousing.co.uk.


Cladding Programme

During the Programme of Fire Safety Works some flats will be without insulation until the new cladding system is installed.

We recognise that this will lead to a short term increase in fuel payments. To address this, we have worked with our tenants and residents to monitor heating use establish approximate costs and are offering fuel payment top ups at an appropriate level.

If you think you should be entitled to this payment or feel that you need further support, please email pendleton@togetherhousing.co.uk.


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