If you are worried about the risk of flooding in your area, it is important to stay vigilant, check weather reports and flood warnings.

You can find out if you are at risk of flooding through the links below;

    • Check here to see if you are at immediate risk of flooding.
    • Find current river and sea levels here.
    • If there is risk of flooding in your area in the next 5 days, you can find out here.
    • In an area that’s likely to flood in the future – check your long term risk of flooding and view your area’s flood maps.
    • Sign up for flood warnings
    • Sign up for flood warnings if your property is at risk of flooding. This service is free.

What else can you do?

  • Be prepared.
  • Have an emergency flood kit prepared: Collect your insurance documents, torch, receipts for valuables, passports, a camera and so on in a waterproof bag.
  • Make sure phones are charged as the weather warnings come in.
  • Have a plan of action: Make sure the whole family/household is aware of what to do if the house starts to flood and plan which valuable or sentimental items to take upstairs.
  • Be prepared to turn off essential power: Make sure everyone in your household knows where the gas, electricity and water mains are so there is no panic or confusion.
  • Check on your neighbours: Ensure anyone who is elderly, alone or vulnerable is supported should they experience flooding.
  • Check your insurance cover. It’s worth doing this now, especially for those near areas that usually flood and make sure your insurance is appropriate for your situation.
  • Leave your house as secure as possible. If advised to leave your property by the authorities, follow any instructions they give.
  • Keep control of your pets. If a storm is on its way, keep them inside and safe.
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