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Heating our refurbished apartment blocks

Customers living in our high rise apartment blocks are beginning to feel the benefits of the new heating system that is being installed.

The exhaust air heat pump works by extracting warm air from the kitchen and bathroom, and feeding heat back into the system to boost the water temperature.

It may sound complicated, but this means that less energy is required to bring the heating system to the temperature required.

We are installing these systems into one and two bedroom apartments as they are well insulated and small enough to benefit from this technology.

An additional benefit of heating your apartment this way is that the ventilation provides a clear, dry and healthy environment.

As your block no longer requires gas, it also saves around £90 per year by removing your need for a gas standing charge. The improved thermal cladding helps the blocks retain more heat.

We can also help you make further savings by switching to a water metre. This could save an additional £150 per year compared to a non-metred supply.

We have compiled a number of walk through videos and guides to help you understand how to use and control your NIBE boiler, please click here to view this information.

Alternatively, please feel free to contact Pendleton Together if you have any questions about your heating system on 0300 555 5567.


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