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Top tips on heating your apartment

Top tips on heating your apartment

  • Make sure your heating system is set up for your life style – contact Pendleton Together to help or click here to view some helpful videos.  It will mean your home will be at the right temperature at the times you want.
  • Keep your heating system turned on at all times – it is far more efficient when permanently on. This means you will need to keep the electricity metre in credit – doing this keeps the water hot and avoids the need to reheat cooled water.
  • Keep you radiators turned on (especially in the hall, kitchen and bathroom) – this enables the rooms to heat up to the temperature you have set on your system and will not require the exhaust air heat pump to work too hard.
  • Avoid covering radiators, use a clothes horse to dry clothes. If you ask us to carry out a check on your heating system we will provide you with a free clothes horse.
  • Do not block the air vents. There are vents in each room of your home and on the heating unit.  The flow of air helps the heating system stay efficient.
  • If a red light appears on your system contact Pendleton Together.

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