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What to expect from your home?

As your landlord, we want you to be happy to call your house, bungalow or flat a home.

When moving in to your new home you should expect it to be clean and without the need for immediate maintenance. The fixtures and fittings within your home should be well maintained, in working order and safe.

Every home will be free from rubbish, including any items left from the previous tenant, as these will disposed of responsibly. If there are any items that can be recycled, we advertise these through Newground’s Reuse programme. Click here for more details.

If you have any concerns then please contact us and let us know what these are. If you believe that a repair needs urgent attention, then click here for information on our repairs service.

Your toolbox

Need a repair? Or just want to check on your account? No problem! Use these links to make your life that little bit easier