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Rechargeable Repairs

We will carry out repairs and maintain the structure of your home, including the outside and shared parts of your home, which are caused by normal wear and tear.

However, if damage is caused by you, a member of your family or a third party, pets or visitors to your home, either wilfully, by neglect, abuse or misuse or unauthorised improvements/modifications we will charge you for a range of specific repairs.

We will also charge you for the inappropriate use of the Repairs system. e.g. mis representation of a repair as a Priority 1 (based on an immediate risk to life or injury to person and/or damage to property), or as a result of your misuse or failure by a third party on your behalf.

In addition, we will also charge where you repeatedly fail to meet (or cancel appointments in good time). Together Housing Group can recharge you for the costs incurred (including time & materials) as a result of the failed appointment, including any legal costs arising from the missed appointments.

An unlimited list of your repair responsibilities are itemised in your tenancy agreement.

Examples of Tenant Responsible Repairs would include:

  • Replacement of lost keys/requirement to change lock. 
  • Damage to internal doors.
  • Reglazing of windows and doors if damaged by you or a member of your household as a result of wilful damage or neglect.
  • Broken electrical appliances and/or fittings.
  • Unblocking of drains through misuse.

How do we decide what is neglect, carelessness or misuse?

You don't have to pay for repairs if:

  • The damage has been caused by fair wear and tear or because of the age of the property or installation.
  • The damage has been caused as a result of you being the victim of a crime, for example a burglary or anti-social behaviour.
  • We had given you priority for a move to a new home because you were living in fear of violence or harassment.
  • The damage was caused through domestic violence. 

You need to have reported the incident in these examples to the Police and provided us with a Crime Reference Number.

If there is any uncertainty or doubt about how the damage was caused, we will come and check the situation before we make a decision.

If we decide that you have broken the terms of your Tenancy Agreement, we will advise you what action is to be taken.

Your toolbox

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