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Heating Your Home

Affordable warmth

We want our customers to enjoy clean, safe and affordable warmth in their homes.  Heating homes and water for showers and baths is expensive. However,  the refurbishment work has been designed to help keep costs down wherever possible.  Following refurbishment your home will have:

  • Improved insulation such as loft or roof insulation, insulation will be fittedbehind the cladding on our apartment blocks and all properties will benefit from better windows and external doors.
  • New central heating boilers and radiators.
  • The removal of gas from high rise blocks saving on the cost of a standard charge.
  • The opportunity for customers in high rise apartments to consider water metres which could provide a significant annual saving

These measures will help customers keep bills down.  However, heating systems need to be maintained and they need to be used correctly to keep heating costs down.

Click here for some handy guides on how to use your NIBE system properly.




Your toolbox

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