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Gas Heating

We have a legal duty to ensure that a gas safety check is carried out on tenanted properties at least once every 12 months. The safety check is very important to make surethe gas appliances in homes are safe and in good working order.

We can offer this service to leaseholders for a small fee and we have an appointment system offering various time slots for your convenience.

Please make sure you are in when we call if you have made an appointment.

What you can do to help us:

Never use a gas appliance if you suspect it isn’t working properly.

Never block/cover air vents/bricks or cover an appliance, but do maintain adequateventilation at all times.

If you have a pre-payment meter please ensure you have credit available to enable us to carry out a gas service.

Alwaysusea qualifiedgassafe registeredengineerto repair,installor serviceyourgasappliances.

Please make sure we have your correct contact details. i.e. current mobile phone number.

Your toolbox

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